Morocco Week 6: Writing the Script

This week we not only worked on oral communication through Darija, but started learning Arabic Script, which is used for writing office signs, etc. So far, I love it! From sounding out the letters to writing the different versions of each letter depending on their position in the word, it’s a very exciting challenge. Never mind the fact that it took me 30 minutes to write 14 words…

My community-based training (CBT) group also settled into our roles planning and executing programs at the dar chebab (youth center). As part of our training, we were learning how to write lesson plans, which we then taught to the students at our dar chebab. Not having an active mudir (director) to work with, we made our own plans. We decided to build on our English and life skills lessons so that the students would hopefully gain a foundation in English that would help them gain useful language and life skills that they could use in jobs, especially English-speaking jobs, which are highly desired in Morocco.

One of my fellow Peace Corps Trainees (PCTs), Sara, and I presented at the Nadi Neswi (women’s center) this week with the help of our language and cross-cultural Facilitator (LCF), Houcine.

Houcine provided translation as we presented on HIV/Aids, giving an overview and tips for prevention. The women were all very attentive and seemed appreciative, asking lots of follow-up questions. One evening, Houcine got a call that sent us all to the dar chebab right at sunset. We unlocked the door and let the electrician in to do his work. About half an hour later, we had lights on and electricity in the dar chebab for the first time! It was the high point of the week.

We also had a day where over 100 kids came to the dar chebab. That was the most challenging part of the week. We did our best, but we learned a valuable lesson about how many students we can have before the quality of learning declines.

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