E. Rae Barnes

Every story is an adventure and every adventure is a story. It’s a crazy world out there filled with even crazier people and circumstances. Journey with me as we explore them one story at a time.

Explore the World

Whether you step out your front door, or open a book, let yourself be swept away…and inspired!

Why Be Limited By Genre?

As a storyteller, I never limit myself to one form or genre. I try them all, which means there is something for everyone!

Travel Inspiration

Read about my travels to get tips and inspiration for your next adventure.


It may not be for everyone, but for me, poetry is often my solution to the phrase “I have no words…”

Short Stories & Reflections

Where creative nonfiction and fiction meet deep thinking.

More to Explore

I have dipped my toes in writing, editing and book design. Check out a list of all the publications I have worked on.

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While stories are awesome in so many ways, what makes them great is sharing with others. Reach out to share your story with me or see how I can share your story with the world.