Mercado La Mariscal



The lines on his face and weariness in his soft, brown eyes did not diminish the determination in his voice as he moved up and down the block. He waved a yellow, blue, and red flag, condor flying proudly, in each hand and let the surplus stick out of every hole in his simple gray backpack. His thickly accented advertisement became the anthem I will forever associate with my trip and the Ecuadorian people. Continue reading “Mercado La Mariscal”

Intiñan Museum (The Real Middle of the World)

Less developed than Mitad Del Mundo, the entrance to Intiñan Museum (located closer to the real middle of the world as established by GPS) is tucked away off the side of the road. Walking across a bridge, the winding path led through some greenery before arriving at a gathering of modern buildings made to look like huts. Birds chirped as the breeze rustled the branches they were settled in. Continue reading “Intiñan Museum (The Real Middle of the World)”

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Travel Quito, Ecuador

I should have been tired after a two hour flight, two hour layover, and five hour flight, finally arriving in Quito at 11:30 p.m.,  but all I could feel was the excitement. It was chillier than I was expecting (whenever I hear equator I automatically picture a tropical paradise), but my friend from Quito had warned me, so I had the proper pants and jacket to keep me warm and dry. The airport was by no means empty, but not nearly as busy as Atlanta had been. The further we got from the airport the more lights we came upon until we could see the twinkling of Quito. The orange and yellow dots splashed up onto the mountains like grains of sand washed onto the beach.

Continue reading “Travel Quito, Ecuador”