Pool in the caves of the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo's Kingdoms of the Night.

Kingdoms of the Night

Darkness. Pitch black at every turn. No difference between eyes open and eyes shut. Fear naturally sets in as the sun sets. But what truly scares us about the dark is what might be lurking right in front of us, waiting to strike. Animals that thrive in darkness are often thought of as monsters, like vampires and werewolves; however, what scares us, also intrigues us. … Continue reading Kingdoms of the Night

Sunshine through the canopy at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo's Lied Jungle.

The Lied Jungle

Stalking down the dirt path, she ducked under vines and peered between leaves. Faced with a shallow stream, she looked down to judge the distance as the sunshine filtered down and gleamed off the pink and purple beads that decorated her socks. She easily hopped across the large, smooth stones to her next challenge. She confidently climbed the stairs, never looking back. She wound her way to the hidden overlook where greens of every shade burst across the view. The tapestry of the jungle canopy unfolds, becoming her sole focus as everything else is drowned out by the drum of the nearby waterfall.

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