I’m a storyteller.

love stories. Stories about you, stories about me, stories about a pebble in Montana or a bird in Galway. True stories, imagined stories, even those maybe-if-you-stand-still-and-read-it-upside-down-with-your-feet-crossed-it-could-be-true stories.

One of the best things about stories, what makes them so exciting, is that you never know when or where they will appear. As a result, it can also be difficult to find the best way to share them with others (the importance of medium cannot be overstated), which is why I experiment with as many storytelling mediums as possible.

Copywriting, poetry; short stories; novellas (in progress); academic papers; scripts; short films (including a musical); photographs; news articles; biographies; even layout/design and editing for books, literary magazines, and resumés.

It’s my passion to preserve as many of the world’s stories as I can in the medium that best suits their nature.