Downtown Nutrition

I drink it in – literally. I still don’t believe that something that tastes this good can be so healthy for me, even though I have been coming here for a couple of months now. Walking into the clean, open space, I head straight for the bar. I give a smile to Melissa, another regular… Continue reading Downtown Nutrition

Kingdoms of the Night

Darkness. Pitch black at every turn. No difference between eyes open and eyes shut. Fear naturally sets in as the sun sets. But what truly scares us about the dark is what might be lurking right in front of us, waiting to strike. Animals that thrive in darkness are often thought of as monsters, like… Continue reading Kingdoms of the Night

The Lied Jungle

Stalking down the dirt path, she ducked under vines and peered between leaves. Faced with a shallow stream, she looked down to judge the distance as the sunshine filtered down and gleamed off the pink and purple beads that decorated her socks. She easily hopped across the large, smooth stones to her next challenge. She… Continue reading The Lied Jungle

TV Rots Your Brain

There was a girl who binged TV a lot. Her mother said her brain would rot. “Don’t worry, Mother, you’re thinking of my brother, who became an alien robot.” “No, I didn’t,” my brother cried. “I only used them to catch a ride! “Mother looked down, face all afrown, to see the snail that had… Continue reading TV Rots Your Brain

Bridging Fate

Not sure where else to go, I turned toward the bridge. The trees once serene, now looked threatening, reaching out to grab me. I ran past them as they closed around the entrance. I prayed they would provide enough cover. I hadn’t seen the figure after the bend, but I could feel it, stalking me. Continue reading Bridging Fate

Canada Day

I felt as if I was intruding. Like I was wandering a set only to realize as I came center stage that the play was in full swing. Wrapped up in the excitement of the night before, I had invested in a tank top that I now used to try to blend in, throwing them… Continue reading Canada Day


It looked like any other gondola, or what they always looked like in the movies anyway, I had never been on a real gondola before. The closest I had come was the ski lift at Adventureland Amusement Park or the Skyfari at the Henry Doorly Zoo. It seemed mostly safe, only swaying in the stronger… Continue reading TelefériQo

Quito’s Historic City Center

The narrow gaps between buildings that passed as streets reminded me of Ireland. The outside of the church was unassuming, the white and light blue did not draw attention to the quiet sanctuary. It was only after passing through the black gate and heavy wooden doors that we began to see hints of the splendor… Continue reading Quito’s Historic City Center

Mercado La Mariscal

“Ecuador!” “Ecuador!” The lines on his face and weariness in his soft, brown eyes did not diminish the determination in his voice as he moved up and down the block. He waved a yellow, blue, and red flag, condor flying proudly, in each hand and let the surplus stick out of every hole in his… Continue reading Mercado La Mariscal

Mitad Del Mundo

As I walked through the gate and up the sidewalk, nothing seemed out of the ordinary…then, the monument came into view. Rising 30 meters (about 90 feet), it dominated the center of the “village” that has sprung up around it. The bright center line separated the two halves of the world and acted as a… Continue reading Mitad Del Mundo

Papallacta Volcanic Pools

It was difficult to give up my layers at first. The chill in the air and the mist sticking to my goosebumps made me reconsider, that is until I put my first toe into the water. I registered the sting only for a second before throwing everything below my shoulders under the surface. My muscles… Continue reading Papallacta Volcanic Pools

Travel Quito, Ecuador

I should have been tired after a two hour flight, two hour layover, and five hour flight, finally arriving in Quito at 11:30 p.m.,  but all I could feel was the excitement. It was chillier than I was expecting (whenever I hear equator I automatically picture a tropical paradise), but my friend from Quito had… Continue reading Travel Quito, Ecuador

Broken Bridges…

leading to nowhere, linking one corpse to another, sinking into muck, lost and forgotten, peeking through the surface, rotting away, leaving only slivers behind. No longer raised high, providing safe passage… Cluttering the ground, tripping men in their tracks, all sense of purpose gone. Once a means forward, pushing higher ground, a path to victory,… Continue reading Broken Bridges…

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