Line of customers ordering ice cream at the counter inside Ted & Wally's.

Ted & Wally’s: A Scoop of Nostalgia

“How many scoops can I get?”


“How many toppings can I get?”

“You don’t need more than two.”

“Well, can I get it in a waffle cone?”


“I don’t care.”

That is about how the conversation between my mother an a childhood version of me would go. I would think of myself as a master at bargaining, scoring a great deal. Meanwhile, my mom was making a deal of her own, investing in enough sugar to eventually lead to a crash that would finally get me to sleep…for a few hours at least.

That one special night a year when we would celebrate summer was always one of my favorites growing up, especially when it came to the competitions. Sibling vs. sibling, cousin vs. cousin, it was a battle to see who could come up with the most creative, sugar-filled concoction.

Young woman eating an ice cream cone in a booth at Ted & Wally's.

Few things are able to bring my family together quite like ice cream. And nothing is better than homemade ice cream. But Ted & Wally’s can even do one better than that with homemade ice cream in flavors you cannot find anywhere else. Even coming back the next day might not guarantee you your new favorite flavor as they continue to experiment. Ted & Wally’s likes to keep their flavors as unpredictable as Nebraska weather.

Embracing the season or latest trend, their specialty flavors may surprise you from watermelon to root beer to Stranger Things (yes, this flavor was inspired by our favorite band of monster fighters from Hawkins, Indiana; yes, Eggos were one of the ingredients; and yes, it was delicious) creativity is part of the craft.

Never fear, if you are a fan of the classics, they always have a Ted & Wally’s take on vanilla and chocolate so that everyone leaves satisfied.

Seating area inside Ted & Wally's

But it is more than just the unique flavors of their ice cream, both Ted & Wally’s locations also feature unique decor to match. Gliding across the checkered floor, past the churning machine, it does feel like an old-timey ice cream parlor from back-in-the-day. Neon signs light the windows, frames hold autographs from celebrities, and a board full of posters and flyers for local events, it is truly a place for the community.

This is reflected in the fact that each location caters to connecting customers with the neighborhood. In Benson, the decor inside flows out onto the patio, which invites you to take a stroll down main street to pop in shops or stop for a drink. Downtown, the location’s patio spills into Iron Decor and More, which features statues and other works of art, before leading to the brick roads of the Old Market where artisan shops hold even more unique charms and treasures.

Sure, my image might be tainted by nostalgia, but Ted & Wally’s does seem like the perfect place to celebrate a summer tradition or start a new one.

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