How is Engineering Integrated into Architecture?

It takes a touch of magic to hide such large equipment, but that’s all part of an engineer’s job.

What Does a WELL-Designed Building Look Like?

The WELL Building Standard™ is one of the most popular healthy building rating systems.

Lightning Protection Systems

What is a lightning protection system and why is it essential?

What is WiredScore?

Internet connectivity is one of the most important considerations for today’s businesses. WiredScore helps companies identify office space with the most reliable connections.

Women in Engineering: With Yumei Wang

Originally interested in architecture, Yumei embraced her love of lighting pursuing electrical engineering.

How Does COVID-19 Challenge Future Engineering?

Doug Alvine, president of Alvine Engineering, discusses some of the challenges COVID-19 has presented engineering design and possible solutions.

What is an Acoustical Consultant?

Find out how an acoustical consultant can make a room sound more comfortable.

Can Technology Enhance Parks?

Don’t think technology belongs in parks? Just wait until you see what it can add to your visit.

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