Week 10: Back to Training

Coming back from our site visits, we spent extra time at HUB due to a COVID wave. The Peace Corps staff did their best to keep us and our host families as safe as possible. But it’s all part of being the first Staj back in Morocco after the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re all figuring things out together in the hopes of finding the best path forward for further Peace Corps Morocco stajs.

Heading back to our training site, it felt bittersweet driving up the winding roads of the mountain for the last time – enjoying the houses, rocks, etc. that had become my weekly landmarks. It was the first time I truly enjoyed the drive since we first did it. It gave me the time and space I needed to reflect before we hit the ground running in the final stretch of training. We have our language proficiency interviews (LPIs) next week when we’ll be tested on our proficiency in Darija. It’s the last big step before the swearing in ceremony.

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